Friday, August 19, 2011

Is it Fall yet???

Oh how I long for fall!! I'm so sick of 40+ days of temps over 100 degrees! Well even tho its hot outside I'm searching for crafting projects relating to fall and yes Christmas, already. I came across this blog who has the cutest printables! You really should check this out and go thru older posts to get ideas on how to use her printables for different seasons and holidays. It is what it is has so cute and simple ideas for gift bags and special moments that you want to embelish with your own personal touch. So SWEET!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from our South Padre Island vacation! It was beautiful there and everything was green!!! With this drought the grass back home is yellow, dry and crackling but in Padre lush green lawns awaited us. I just had to walk barefoot in the grass!

We arrived at our condo to this view from the balcony

We parasailed

Rode the pirate ship and went further down the island where there wasn't any tourist and parked the cars up on the beach. Spent the day skim boarding, knee boarding and playing in the sand.

We drove back north to San Antonio ended up staying at the same hotel as the Dallas Cowboys along the riverwalk. Met up with our cousin got to visit and have dinner with her. The next day walked around seeing the Alamo and Buckhorn Saloon. We had a wonderful vacation and can't wait to plan for next year.. possibly Cancun!

Now to get back to business, buy school clothes, dentist and eye doctor appointments done before school starts in 3 weeks. And maybe I'll have time for projects again!

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