Monday, January 31, 2011

Theres no place like home!

We made it back to the house Sunday afternoon. Started laundry and ordered pizza.. by the time pizza got here I had a full blown migraine!!! UGH! Light, Sounds everything was killing me. Took some Exedrin Migraine and laid down for an hour and didn't matter it stuck around till bedtime.

But we did have a great weekend in Fredericksburg! Seen a music/comedy show at the Rockbox Theater if your ever there its worth the money!! Visited the Pacific War Museum definitely leave enough time in your schedule to see all of this museum. Strolled down Main Street and did alot of shopping! Ate at the small cafes and sandwich/soda shops. Drove a short distance to Luckenbach TX had a beer in the Post Office. Sunday morning went to Enchanted Rock State Park just a little north of Fredericksburg and hiked up to the top of the, well I guess you call it a giant rock. Beautiful views! Over all it was great food and plenty to do we are completely exhausted!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well tomorrow we leave for our romantic weekend away. After church tonight I'll be getting the suitcase packed  and have the house in top clean order. My sister-in-laws father has official opened his new resale store which I have visited a couple times now. There I found this glass cake stand and mom got herself a glass punch bowl with matching glasses.

Hopefully their business does great! He has been buying storage units basically like the TV show "Storage Wars" and after accumulating a healthy amount of items opened his store. 

Once we return this weekend I will, I promise, begin scanning the house/property photos from the very start to present. I'm actually itching to begin new projects but we decided to hold off until after Christmas and this trip. This week is also the start of Bowl Full of Lemons Weekly Challenges! I'm excited to get started! So until then I'm off for a weekend of quiet, relaxation, and FUN! Have a great weekend :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I did it!!

Over the summer my grandmother passed away leaving behind a big house with lots of memories and hidden treasures. Everyone pitched in and began the task of sorting her and grandpa's things. He passed in 1996 but many things of his were still there. It was a huge task that we all decided to do every other weekend. My grandmother had kept every single birthday, anniversary or Christmas card since the 1960's! Now what you have to understand is this, all these years none of us knew she hoarded items like this. Because she was a very organized and clever little lady! Old suit cases sat in closets filled to the brim with sewing materials. Nice neat looking small boxes held the cards. A large traveling trunk held her high school letterman jacket, baby doll clothes she had sewn for my aunt when she was a little girl, to mementos of vacations and family reunions.

The prize jewel for me was their wedding book and what all it held. Married on June 6, 1953 when the date had been set for another couple months but instead they won a radio contest as long as they got married THAT day everything would be paid for! Her dress, his suit, cake and reception, flowers, professional photographer and the minister. Plus all expense paid honeymoon to New Orleans and many wedding gifts from various stores in town. I NEVER knew this neither did my dad or his sister! SO much I discovered about two very special people in my life. It was a sad process but I feel so warm inside to get to know them in a whole new light!

Anyways... the main point is I inherited a lot of things. I asked for her sewing machine and anything that had to do with sewing, master and spare bedroom set, rocking chair, all recipe card or books and so much more. I had never actually sat at a sewing machine no clue about one at all. Well this weekend with the help of my 14 yr old son we got it threaded and ready to go. I sewed a kitchen apron.. my very first sewing project! I know its lame but I was so happy!

Digging through one very old suit case I found nicely folded material scraps. Red caught my eye and I pulled out the red and white gingham unfolded it and discovered she had started embroidering a simple design on it. Deciding it was large enough to use for my apron idea I cut the basic shape. We got the sewing machine threaded ready to go and I began sewing the seams. Another sewing box had ribbon which I attached for the neck and ties. Simple and easy the project was complete. I now have something of hers to keep and use reminding me how much she enjoyed cooking and sewing!

Visit Between Naps on the Porch and have a look at what other bloggers have done to transform everything from recipes to bookshelves on Metamorphosis Monday. These people have the best ideas! 


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday and other projects

I was tricked by my mother yesterday. She begged me to take her over to my sis-in-laws fathers new resale store, umm one thats not even open for business till next week! Anyways after my sister came for our spare room bed for her little girl we did end up at my parents house. Where I was surprised with a delicious chocolate cake and a card. Then went the task of helping my sister assemble the new big girl bed, which Trinity was very happy about until she took a late nap and didn't go to sleep till really late and a million times of getting up LOL She is so cute and so much like her mother!

So Now that the bed has made an exit... what to do what to do with the spare room now? As of right now its painted the color of Barney, yuk! Thanks to my step daughter she wanted that color, black and zebra print it was really cute but she moved back with mom so its my room again!

First thing its getting painted something neutral! I still have the dresser and shelves that are black, which I might sand and repaint in a white french distressed way. I want to move the sewing machine into this room and set up a small table to begin using my cricut more. I plan on using the furniture to store all the craft supplies. As of right now its a storage room I have so much crammed into there things that had to find a new home during the house remodel but I didn't want to be moved into the storage/shop outside. I have a big job ahead of me!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

And 3 hours later....

I have cleaned out and organized the cabinet above the washer and dryer AND cleaned organized under the kitchen sink. Installed a shoe rack in the bedroom closet! About to start the bathroom :/ we will see how that goes LOL! The spice cabinet will have to wait until I get some more organizer bins. I'm off to a pretty good start I'd say!

Operation Organize

After reading "A Bowl Full of Lemons" blog challenge of 21 days to organize I started trying to play catch up last night. I did organize and clean out the junk drawers, today I cleaned off the dresser and rearranged what was in drawers or hanging. I think tonight I might try and organize the cabinets above the washer and dryer. I don't have a laundry room or linen closet but there are cabinets above. I need to make a run to the dollar store for some small storage bins so I can tackle the spice cabinet, under the kitchen sink and Lord help me the bathroom cabinet! I really need to do ALL of this I still have a spare room to paint and half the kitchen down the hallway to paint as well. In the next month or so hardwood floors for the living room! So much going on so little time i seem to have for much else :)

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Yikes! I haven't blogged in awhile! But the jewelry making is coming along. I have completed one necklace with matching bracelet! Just got a little side tracked with school starting back up and I've started trying to get some organization in drawers and cabinets around the house. Plus a romantic weekend getaway to Fredericksburg is happening Jan 28th and have been planning it also. Hope to have some jewelry pics posted soon!
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