Monday, July 4, 2011

Oh so cute!

I've started messing around with Pinterest and this was on the front page today!
From a blog no doubt! I think this is so cute and if I still had little ones .....  Its over at domestic candy and yes its in German but my Google Chrome browser lets me translate it to English. I love the ideas she shares involving kiddos! Go check her out!

Next is a great idea for all these old wooden picture frames that I have! Pink Ink Doodle shared this crafty idea that I'm going to modify just a tad tomorrow. Love it!

I've also started collecting vintage kitchen items such as these below (not my picture) Will post mine once I have them hanging up :)

Forever I have been buggin the hubby with wanting a popup camper... well now I have my sights set on something sorta like this......
I caught a post over at The Vintage Housewife about older model travel trailers, hers is adorable. This one caught my eye its a '57 Jewel. I'd love to get my hands on something I can paint and remodel any way I want! Came across a posting at Vintage Cottage Camper her camper is so cute and her blog shows off many other cute campers. 
My goal is to have a camper by next summer, hopefully ready to go camping in but we will see! 

Its July 4th and the house is quiet since I got up at 6am for no reason at all. I have a trip to the grocery store and a house to clean before company comes over later for BBQ and fireworks. Busy day indeed! Hope everyone has a fun and safe fourth of July!

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