Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Hiatus?

This summer has been anything but normal. It started off great with a mini vacation to New Mexico and Carlsbad Caverns.

It was straight down!! Huge cavern that was so beautiful!

Then a few nights up in Roswell and some funny encounters.

 My son got his drivers license in June and then July 5th he drove his car into a dry creek.

 It was a total loss and thankfully he walked away with only a few bumps and a broken front tooth. In one week we bought him another car and us a new truck. My hubby had all his lower teeth extracted and lower dentures put in. He had the uppers done already but he says this is horrible and hurts way worse then the top. Now its two weeks till school starts and I finally got school clothes bought. Its just been one thing after another and hopefully with school starting and fall on its way (eventually) maybe things can go back to normal.

I did have one cool thing happen... I was published! HAHA! I submitted this picture I took of a storm rolling in over our hospital to our local newspaper and it made the front page!

I sure miss those storms right about now. Here in Texas you don't see much rain during the summer. We do have a cold front moving in and the highs are expected to only be in the 90's... I miss the 90 degree temps!

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