Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pillowcase wrapping..

Wow its been over a month since I have blogged anything! Its been a very longgggg month indeed.. Two wisdom teeth pulled in October, two weeks later got food poisoning, a week after that came down with the flu. Good thing to come out of all this.. I lost some weight! Not being able to eat for several weeks for several reasons will do that to ya! Yay me! :)

Today I'm going to share an idea my son thought up. (which I'm sure has been done before) What to do when you have to wrap something that you don't have a box for..such as these stuff animal backpacks.

My son came up with an idea to use a pillowcase. We use every pillowcase in the house he so kindly drove me to the store. Since he has his learning permit "Of course I'll drive you to the store mom!" We purchased white pillowcases and some fabric paint.

We used paint brushes and painted the girls names free hand. They came out really cute!

Placed the backpacks inside and tied them with some ribbon. Now the girls have two gifts in one!

Not too shabby, good job son! 

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