Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shopping adventures

Recently my hubby and me went browsing through several stores. There is one in particular that I love in our small town mall. I see so many things in this store that I see people do on blogs its not even funny. Specially when we are talking prices. WOW they are expensive! But there are so many things I love!
Lets start off with these cute bunnies...
$25 each.. hmm wonder if I can find some bunnies at the dollar store like I did the pumpkins back in the fall. Betcha I could!

Rooster $25 and the beehive cake stand which I soooo love is $65. Rooster same thing goes try to find some thing cheaper to just modge podge .. the cake stand I'd probably have to bite the bullet and just buy it! 

This adorable small dresser was $199... you can find stamp things at Graphics Fairy online and apply it yourself to a piece of furniture. I'm hoping to do this soon!

This is a rustic bar my hubby was taking a look at for $599. Maybe find a piece of furniture for the bottom and build the top yourself. And that's what he said he wanted to do. Eventually! 
So many things to look at and so many cheaper methods to do it. I'm ready to jump in and get started!

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