Thursday, April 14, 2011

April Menu 2

April 15 Tacos
April 16 Chili Relleno Casserole
April 17 BBQ Pepper Jack Chicken with steamed veggies and baked potato
April 18 Grilled Ham with mac n cheese and veggies
April 19 Smokey Chicken & cheese potato casserole
April 20 Chili-Mac Skillet with cornbread muffins
April 21 >> Take Out <<
April 22 Chicken & Dressing Casserole with sweet potatoes
April 23 Hamburger Steaks with Mushroom Brown Gravy, Mash Potato and Veggies
April 24 (Dinner out after church- Hubby leaves for a week away from home for work at 2pm)
April 25 Homemade Calzones
April 26 Chicken Quesadillas
April 27 Hamburgers with fries
April 28 >> Take Out <<

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