Saturday, May 7, 2011

Hard wood flooring for the living room, Hallelujah!

Meet "The Blue Monster" for years it has mocked me with the dirt, stains, smell, worn and torn filth! It was extremely bad, so the next few pictures are not for the faint of heart.. please be advised and look away if you just can't handle something so disgusting!

Remember I did warn you..

I can not believe we have lived with this for so long! 

My Mother's Day present.. New hardwood flooring!!! 

Its sooo pretty!

I think it really makes the room seem bigger. Before your eyes would just stop because of the ugly carpet but now you just want to follow the flow of the wood all the way to the walls.

Thank you to my husband for this gift which took us about 5 hours to complete. We will never fear the Blue Monster ever again! hehe! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day 

Edit Note--  This was laminate hardwood flooring, yes it was simple to install. We went from one side to the other and made our cuts on the same wall. Total cost was around $350, that included 9 boxes of flooring, 3 rolls of under foam, 7 sticks of border and 3 packages of the flat pieces to divide kitchen floor and the new wood floor (can't remember what its called lol) Will for sure be installing this down the hall and into the master bedroom!

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  1. oh wow, that has truly made a huge difference... It looks amazing!

  2. oh wow! so envious!!! i too hate my current carpet flooring and we've been living on it for years!! i really can't wait when we have enough money to change it...lucky you!!! love the wood flooring, so gorgeous and elegant!! *i wish i had one too!* Happy Mother's Day! x Susan

  3. So awesome! Hardwood floors make such a difference!

  4. Beautiful new flooring! Thanks for visiting me!

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  5. I love - love your new hardwood floor.


  6. Whoohoo I know you are happy to get rid of the "blues" carpet,your new hardwood flooring is fantastic,congrats.
    I am happy following back,thanks so much for folowing LazyonLoblolly,you have tickled me with this post too.
    It's gonna be lots of fun bloggin' with ya!
    Yep the chairs/table redo was fun workin' with my darlin' husband.
    And the satilite dish squirrel feeder is workin' out great,I've counted up to 7 squirrels.

  7. Great flooring. Such a nice change. Thanks for sharing at WUW.

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