Wednesday, May 11, 2011

What I've been up to this week...

 Hello! Hope you have been having a great week. I've been up to my elbows in paint, yet again. I finally tackled the extra bedroom which use to be my step daughters room and looked like this..

She moved back to her moms so now I have a craft room again. Since she had decided on purple "Barney" paint I had to primer then paint. The room is a big mess I've been using it to store just about everything so I moved all the junk to the center of the room and got busy. This is the color now..
I got the peg board up on the wall finally to help me organize things better, Lord knows I need it!

The drop cloth canvas curtains I made are up..the patio furniture cushions are in there due to it raining outside among all the other junk everywhere!

This room doesn't have a closet, so I installed a closet organization thingy with some shelves and room to hang winter coats. The black curtain back there hides the A/C system since we haven't built anything to cover it yet. And this room is on hold until I'm finished with the dresser I'll use as additional storage. 

Here its soaking up the Citristrip

Let me tell ya this piece hasn't been easy. There are so many layers of paint.. black, pink, purple and white UGH!! But its coming along. You can spy in the picture above a white chair thats part of the kitchen table set that I'm painting white. I also patched holes and painted the ceiling in the kitchen finally. 

Its been a very productive week so far and its only Wednesday! I'm ready for summer vacation! 16 more school days left for us, which I'm glad because I love summer! Cheers :)


  1. oh wow you've been busy, great job on the closet/furniture there with lots of paint layer that you had to tackle, gosh i shudder to think it let alone do it hehe, it's great that you have a craft room, i use my computer room which is very small as my craft room too as well as where I iron clothes hehe :)

  2. My hubby says I've taken over everything lol. His "shop" is now full of mostly my projects sitting around and I took over the spare room. Ya snooze ya loose lol You iron? Your better then I am I don't iron it gets tossed in the dryer for a few to get the wrinkles out lol

  3. Hi.. I just found you today,, I love that you're so real,, and very talented!


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