Saturday, May 28, 2011

Graduation Night

 Our oldest (well my Step Son) Justin graduated last night. He was extremely happy as we were. He will now move on to become a Combat Medic in the Navy. His bootcamp starts July 13 and from there he will take big steps in becoming a man. From being a little pain in the butt sometimes to this is just amazing to me lol seriously the last 4 years have been very emotional and trying for all of us. We are very proud of the person he has turned into and hope to see him accomplish great things. I got emotional last night, Justin has been "my son" for 17 years..... my husband said "Oh man just wait till Kason Graduates your going to be a full on crying mess!" lol Being that Kason is my/our only biological child together who is 14 right now.

 My babies are growing up and its sad and thrilling at the same time. Soon we as well as them will move into a new phase in life. So proud of you Justin, I truely am very proud of you.

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