Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday and other projects

I was tricked by my mother yesterday. She begged me to take her over to my sis-in-laws fathers new resale store, umm one thats not even open for business till next week! Anyways after my sister came for our spare room bed for her little girl we did end up at my parents house. Where I was surprised with a delicious chocolate cake and a card. Then went the task of helping my sister assemble the new big girl bed, which Trinity was very happy about until she took a late nap and didn't go to sleep till really late and a million times of getting up LOL She is so cute and so much like her mother!

So Now that the bed has made an exit... what to do what to do with the spare room now? As of right now its painted the color of Barney, yuk! Thanks to my step daughter she wanted that color, black and zebra print it was really cute but she moved back with mom so its my room again!

First thing its getting painted something neutral! I still have the dresser and shelves that are black, which I might sand and repaint in a white french distressed way. I want to move the sewing machine into this room and set up a small table to begin using my cricut more. I plan on using the furniture to store all the craft supplies. As of right now its a storage room I have so much crammed into there things that had to find a new home during the house remodel but I didn't want to be moved into the storage/shop outside. I have a big job ahead of me!

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