Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I did it!!

Over the summer my grandmother passed away leaving behind a big house with lots of memories and hidden treasures. Everyone pitched in and began the task of sorting her and grandpa's things. He passed in 1996 but many things of his were still there. It was a huge task that we all decided to do every other weekend. My grandmother had kept every single birthday, anniversary or Christmas card since the 1960's! Now what you have to understand is this, all these years none of us knew she hoarded items like this. Because she was a very organized and clever little lady! Old suit cases sat in closets filled to the brim with sewing materials. Nice neat looking small boxes held the cards. A large traveling trunk held her high school letterman jacket, baby doll clothes she had sewn for my aunt when she was a little girl, to mementos of vacations and family reunions.

The prize jewel for me was their wedding book and what all it held. Married on June 6, 1953 when the date had been set for another couple months but instead they won a radio contest as long as they got married THAT day everything would be paid for! Her dress, his suit, cake and reception, flowers, professional photographer and the minister. Plus all expense paid honeymoon to New Orleans and many wedding gifts from various stores in town. I NEVER knew this neither did my dad or his sister! SO much I discovered about two very special people in my life. It was a sad process but I feel so warm inside to get to know them in a whole new light!

Anyways... the main point is I inherited a lot of things. I asked for her sewing machine and anything that had to do with sewing, master and spare bedroom set, rocking chair, all recipe card or books and so much more. I had never actually sat at a sewing machine no clue about one at all. Well this weekend with the help of my 14 yr old son we got it threaded and ready to go. I sewed a kitchen apron.. my very first sewing project! I know its lame but I was so happy!

Digging through one very old suit case I found nicely folded material scraps. Red caught my eye and I pulled out the red and white gingham unfolded it and discovered she had started embroidering a simple design on it. Deciding it was large enough to use for my apron idea I cut the basic shape. We got the sewing machine threaded ready to go and I began sewing the seams. Another sewing box had ribbon which I attached for the neck and ties. Simple and easy the project was complete. I now have something of hers to keep and use reminding me how much she enjoyed cooking and sewing!

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  1. What wonderful mementos from your Grandma. The sewing machine is amazing!

  2. that is such a nice story and so special that you will always have the apron to remember her by!

  3. So cute! I love how you found such treasures from your grandparent! The suitcases with the material are wonderful.

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments! It has been nice having special items from our grandparents, everyone in the family was great in separating everything.


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