Monday, January 31, 2011

Theres no place like home!

We made it back to the house Sunday afternoon. Started laundry and ordered pizza.. by the time pizza got here I had a full blown migraine!!! UGH! Light, Sounds everything was killing me. Took some Exedrin Migraine and laid down for an hour and didn't matter it stuck around till bedtime.

But we did have a great weekend in Fredericksburg! Seen a music/comedy show at the Rockbox Theater if your ever there its worth the money!! Visited the Pacific War Museum definitely leave enough time in your schedule to see all of this museum. Strolled down Main Street and did alot of shopping! Ate at the small cafes and sandwich/soda shops. Drove a short distance to Luckenbach TX had a beer in the Post Office. Sunday morning went to Enchanted Rock State Park just a little north of Fredericksburg and hiked up to the top of the, well I guess you call it a giant rock. Beautiful views! Over all it was great food and plenty to do we are completely exhausted!

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