Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thrift find

Last weekend while browsing sales I came across this piece. It needed some love and so I brought it home.
Someone had painted over the laminate green it use to be and did not do it right.
 It was painted cream with some kind of darker coffee looking stuff yuk
I began by sanding down the table top. It had scratches and looked like whiteout spilled in places.
Then using Citristrip I removed the paint.
Here is what it looks like 5 hours later.. ewww!
Now begins the task of scraping all the paint and green laminate off
This is what I need to get down to the dull green is all thats left
After removing all the paint I then sanded everything the shelves and molding top and the table part.
Ok So yesterday while hubs and I were cleaning and rearranging the shop he paused to look over what I've been working on. He picked up my new little mouse sander and did some sanding. Somehow he broke it!!!!!
OMG the horror!!! LOL Luckily it was just bought last week and I still have box and receipt! Well until I get a new one this project is on hold. I know growing up we were taught to share but I might be having second thoughts when it comes to my project tools LOL!

Have a great day!

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  1. lol... Yeah I think the whole "sharing" idea needs to be rethought as well!


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