Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week #3 Challenge Recipe Binder

I know I'm a little late at getting this out there but here is Week #3 Challenge Recipe Binder from A Bowl Full of Lemons. Click the Link and join us as new organizational projects are posted each Sunday!

I inherited my grandmothers recipe collection and have decided to leave it exactly as she left it. Very neat and organized with each card typed and slipped inside a plastic protective sleeve. She also had a small red binder with what I believe was her most used recipes. My recipes are stored inside my laptop and I would need more printer ink to print everything to put in a binder! So here I share with you how she organized her recipes.

Each card she hand typed on the typewriter and put inside plastic protective sleeves

Everything in its place

Inside the small red binder recipes are hand written, typed and clipped from magazines. 

I'll cherish these forever well until I pass them down eventually :)


  1. This is beautiful! I'd have loved to inherit something like that - sadly there have been no great gooks in my family! I've started my own books etc to pass down to my children because I love the idea.

  2. Its good to have special things to pass down through generations. Even if its small it will mean the world to someone you love :)


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