Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Longing for Spring

I am so ready for spring! And I so want these old metal chairs

My Great Grandmother had old metal chairs like these all around her yard and front porch I love them!

So many pretty colors!

Love this!

Flower bed? lol

Lush green lawns and beautiful gardens

Soothing water features

Ah! Another one sooo cute!

I love this idea for a picnic table

Hmm interesting!

Now thats different

More pretty colored metal chairs!!

Been busy with the hallway makeover and almost done with the small china cabinet. I have so many wooden frames to paint and black n white photos to print. Pillows and curtains to sew. Enough projects to keep me busy for a little while! Soon it will be time to put together the flower beds and crank up the mower.  

Take time to smell the flowers :)

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