Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vinyl and a Cricut

Hello :)
Its took me months to make time and figure out how to use my Cricut or exactly what to make with it besides cards. After seeing blogs using Silhouette machines and what all can be done with those, well duh I figured out the Cricut can do those things too!!! So this morning I was on a mission I will do something I wasn't sure what but it was going to happen TODAY!

I really loved the vinyl being used on Kitchenaid Mixers. Hmm I have vinyl, well there ya go!
I used the Stretch Your Imagination &

Graphically Speaking cartridges for this project.

Lay your vinyl on the sticky mat and choose the design you want and cut

Once done peel up ALL of the vinyl from mat it should have cut but left the back of the vinyl untouched

Trim the vinyl so its just around your design

Now removed all excess vinyl leaving only the design 

Apply the transfer tape on top of the vinyl design and smooth out. then peel away which your design should be sticking to the transfer tape

Here I made sure my mixer is clean and dry. I placed my design and smoothed it over the surface then slowly peeled away the transfer tape

So my mixer went from plain to....Woohooo!

I added some butterflies

I love how it turned out!

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  1. Oh WoW... turned out really cool! I knew that there was a lot of stuff you can do with a cricut but it is nice to see the results.

  2. I really like that! It totally looks like it came that way, great job.

  3. Oh wow, love it! I need some for my mixer.

  4. VERY cute! See, I need a Cricut! ;)


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