Friday, March 25, 2011

Patiently waiting....

Upon recent trips to the antique shops in Glen Rose I now have two layaways. Which I love layaway but over time I get so impatient waiting to get it paid off! I picture how the item is going to look, will it fit and if I should paint it once its home. I need some advice! I took two pictures of the drop leaf table I have in layaway and I'm wondering to paint or not to paint.
 Here it is sitting in the booth at the antique mall

Comes with four chairs and two leafs its precious!
Problem is I don't think the color it is now will mesh well in my kitchen.
Thinking about getting it home and letting it sit for a little while then making a decision. 


  1. What are you changing the colors to the kitchen to?

  2. Well remember it was blue.. now its red.. I talked with Jodi she suggested sanding it all and staining the top of table to match the cabinets. Like I did with the hutch then paint legs and chairs either white or black.

  3. Definitely get it home and "live" with it for a little bit. You'll figure it out. :)
    Cute table.


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