Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Antique Alley

Antique Alley Texas spans the historic communities of Cleburne, Grandview and Maypearl via FM 4 (S) to FM 916. This show is unique because of the miles and miles of shows and sales organized by independent landowners, small businesses and individual entrepreneurs. You may stumble upon a beautiful ranch or quaint farm where the landowner is hosting an antique show with specialty dealers coming from all over the United States to sell their wares, or you may find a place where they've just cleaned out Grandpa's barn! There are fundraisers for local churches and schools, live entertainment and something fun for the entire family! Be sure to stop by the smaller historic downtowns of Grandview and Maypearl where the streets will be lined with vendors, musical entertainment and festival style foods. On the other end of the trail is Cleburne, the county seat of Johnson County. There you will find various sales scattered through out the community.
(Above taken from Antique Alley Texas )

According to my husband its considered...

Our community lives for Antique Alley! With land owners up and down Hwy.4 opening up their pastures to allow vendors to set up and sell anything and everything. It can be a lot of walking and tricky parking but well worth it. I'm so excited that its this weekend! Another plus is that I live right by and can load up the Tahoe, go home unload and go back for more! Almost 20 miles of garage/yard sales and rows of vendors selling antiques to corn dogs. Its awesome! If your near by you should come check it out! There are also vendors selling Texas BBQ among other foods such as ..
MMmmm funnel cakes

And there is a difference in corn dogs here too...

I will post pics once I'm done :) Hope everyone enjoys the weekend

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