Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kitchen Transformation

If you don't know we have a 1976 model single wide mobile home that we got for free. All we paid was to have it moved. Talk about brown yucky paneling everywhere! Slowly we have been remodeling and it was finally the kitchens turn! Yipee!!! I'm so thrilled with how this has turned out so far, since we are not 100% finished. We tore out everything built a new wall where the bar use to be, sanded and stained new cabinets and installed everything ourselves. The original before picture is when we very first looked at this house so there was trash and trash and more trash all over the place. I painted the cabinets a creamy white with blue trim sometime along the way so when you see that know its still a before pic lol

Yea like the avocado and orange wall paper there? This is a view from the living room looking toward the kitchen. This was back from 2003 the house had stood vacant for two years and was in need of alot of work.
A view standing in kitchen looking toward living room. Ugh what a mess!

And this is right as we started to do the remodel (creamy white and blue phase that we had for years) with a new floor we had started.

The amazing hubby started demolishing in sections as we still needed a sorta functioning kitchen. Here the bar was ripped out and framing for the new wall was going up.

Still had some sheet rock going up in this picture but the cabinets slowly started coming together. I chose to use bead board on the walls. This is a mobile home after all so I wanted to keep it simple and thought a fancy back splash would be a little too much.
Look at the difference already!! I was so excited!

The day of no sink or water to the whole house, but thats alright I can make sacrifices! 

Last look!

As of today  months have passed since we started the kitchen and...half of the ceiling hasn't been painted and the trim is still in progress of going up, kick plates and electric outlet covers need to be done. But thats alright it will be soon and I am loving using my new kitchen! Its so beautiful and I am so thankful to have a wonderful husband who worked many hours on top of his regular job to get done to this point! So here is how it looks today...

woohoo! The drop leaf table is going to be refinished eventually.

View looking toward living room, big difference!

 Loving the new deeper sink!

Mason jar pendant light and the cute dish wind chime!

Turning around a view of the other side.. you can see we have started on the hallway

I need to invest in a better camera I tried several times to get this shot brighter

Cast iron kitchen towel holder ($2 Goodwill) now used to display vintage utensils

 My collection of red glass

This old mailbox was found in my grandparents garage. Just love the worn and distressed look of it!

And a look from the living room, no more bar! In its a place a nice wall to hang things..

Hoping not to be old and weak for a very long time! We still have so much to do on this house!! Its been a long journey but one well worth it. 

Thanks for stopping by and having a peek!

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  2. You did an amazing job! All your hard work for sure paid off. This is soooo cute I love it and so creative thank you so much for sharing. Thank you for linking this up to our party show and share on Wednesdays. We would love for you to come back this week and link up your latest project

    A mommy's life...with a touch of YELLOW

  3. you've really made a wonderful transformation !

  4. You have been working hard! Great job! Thanks for the visit and the sweet comment @TheDedicatedHouse! It means the world. Hope you have a grand Tuesday! Toodles, Kathryn

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