Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Master bedroom bedding

After finally getting vacation and school clothes/supplies done and over with the master bedroom remodel is in full swing! The thing is I'm having a really hard time finding bedding I love. Last year I bought black and red and with Miss Chyanne's fur it has been a nightmare. Even tho we have taught her no more getting in bed with us since we downsized from a king to queen mattress all this white fur is still everywhere! And seriously what was I thinking, black and red, ugh! Which I don't have before pictures I was just ready to toss it!

First off we don't like duvet covers at all, they move around and have been a pain in the past. Then hubby likes to keep the bedroom like a freezer so it needs to keep me warm but him cool. And I have no idea what to pick..

Then like it always happens "poof" after all the searching it basically lands in my lap. Wal-Mart of all places.. the place I shop at the most. It was like I had a V-8 moment lol! Instead of a thick comforter or duvet cover how about a quilt. I look and there it is saying "Here I am, been here all along!" As I sigh and roll my eyes. Anyways... I love it! Clean, crisp lines and it matches the handmade decor I did and the oldtime romantic notions I had for our bedroom remodel.

Isn't she beautiful!

I love the pattern!
The furniture belonged to my grandmother and I will not be painting it. I want to leave it the way I have always remembered it. Once I put all the final touches to everything I will take more pictures to share. I have a few projects up my sleeve and I haven't even started those yet! But I will share the decorative pillows project today and here is how you will get a peek at the old bedding.. yikes!

So here is what I used..
Two decor pillows from old bedding, left over painters drop cloth, scissors, heat bond tape, buttons, thread, needle and an iron.
For the long round pillow I measured out enough material to wrap around and over lap it.

Using the iron I folded over the ends a little over an inch or so to make a stiff line. Then cut a strip of heat bond to length and placed it and laid the end over. Use the iron and go slowly along this seam to activate the heat bond. (no sew seam.. love it)
From here I kinda winged it. Several trial and error attempts to get this to fold and tuck right. Finally using a part burrito and present wrapping method it worked ! 
I then used some thread and a needle made a few stitches to hold it together. Secured a few buttons with some more stitches for an added touch. 
The square pillow is basically the same. Measure out enough material in a rectangle shape I then decided only to use heat bond on two sides. To form a pocket where the pillow would go..

I left it a lot longer on one side so I could fold it over like this..sorta like a homemade envelope

Placed a few stitches to hold the point in place and embellished with buttons also..
And here they are with another pillow I made with an embroidered "S". Recycled and repurposed!

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  1. Gotta love that matelasse spread from wally world. I have tons of them--they're so versatile- and washable. The bed looks great.

  2. Deanna,
    Your bed looks wonderful! From what I can see of the pattern, it looks like the wedding ring pattern. You did a great job on the pillows, they look great! It all looks so cool and crisp, very nice!
    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Cute!! The bed looks wonderful and the pillows really adds the finishing touch. Thanks for linking up this week!!

  4. Great job! I love canvas drop cloth projects!

  5. Nicely done. Love the button accents. That new quilt looks vintage, just beautiful.

  6. So pretty! I love it! I would love it if you would share this and/or any other projects you have been up to at Tuesday Talent Show at Chef In Training! Thanks so much and I hope to see you there!


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