Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Master bedroom flooring

Ok if you seen the post I did of the living room carpet you won't be as shocked about the state of the carpets in this house. I may haven't mentioned we own a 1976 single wide mobile home. And we are slowly remodeling each room and the outside. First was the kitchen which is still not 100% completed is why I haven't done a post covering it yet. We have also completed the living room. On the list is still master bedroom, teenage sons bedroom, bathroom and guest/craft room. But this weekend we got started on the master bedroom and I'm so flippin' happy!

There was a leak from the bathroom faucet and I didn't know this for awhile obviously. And hubby was going across country driving a big rig so I replaced the faucet alone... which was a big accomplishment for me! lol The leak went into our bedroom unfortunately...
The dark circles are where I had metal popcorn tins sitting and they rusted from the leaking water.

Stained and nasty I didn't care about getting paint on the carpet since I knew we would replace it at some point. Needless to say we had to rip up the entire wood floor underneath and lay new plywood. 
After that it was the foam liner and laying the hardwood.. here is loving hubby doing just that! This is what we bought from Home Depot.. $21 with tax per box and we used 6 1/2 boxes. Plus 2 rolls of the foam liner and about 7 sticks of trim. Oh and the doorway wood plate.

Now for the finale.... 

Here is the nasty corner that had water damage

You can see our makeshift closet because we ripped out the closet that ran the length of the room. The extra door leading to the bathroom was replaced with a wall as well which was behind the clothes. We plan on building just a simple corner closet. Eventually the TV will be replaced with a wall mounted flat screen :)

I'm so glad to have this project done and checked off the list! Today I'm working on bedside lamps going to repurpose our old ones. Until next time...   :)

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  2. This wonderful post totally rocked the blog party's success! Thanks for linking up at Creative Bloggers' Party & Hop :)

  3. It looks fabulous. We put some really nice carpet in our bedroom but now you're making me think that laminate flooring would have been a better choice. Definitely a huge improvement - good job.


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