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Camping and picnics- part one

There is something about packing up food and a blanket for a picnic that invigorates me! Also to pack up a couple days worth of food, a tent and to go camping! Of course over time the way we camp or picnic has sure changed. "Roughing it" can still be applied today if you choose a tent next to a bubbling stream with no toilets or showers or even internet!!! Yikes! For some people thoughts of that is what keeps them from camping. As for myself? I love it! These are photos I've pinned on Pinterest and its sort of a history of camping and picnics.

 People have always camped. The need to travel made camping necessary. Funerals, family reunions or weddings might have been far away from home. Or perhaps it was after church on a Sunday afternoon. The family would load up the wagon and head to the nearest stream for fishing and a picnic.

The lack of ice and ice chests to keep food from spoiling made having to hunt or fish for fresh meat very important. Even now we might "fish for our supper"!

In the 1940's after World War II America seen a boom of family camping. Enjoying life, vacations and travel were high priority! Primitive tent camps were dotting the rivers, lakes and canyons.

1940's-1960's seen a transformation in how we camped. Station wagons were turning into sleeping and cooking quarters. 

The first RV's were produced

Teardrop trailers became popular since they could be towed by cars with much more ease.

Here is a picnic scene from the 1957 film "Love in the Afternoon" starring Audrey Hepburn and Gary Cooper. A small folding table is transformed into a quaint picnic table!

As we rolled into the 70s large driving RV's such as the Winnebago and its famous "W" hit the scene

80s, 90s and today has brought a big variety of RV's. Pop-up tent/campers, pull behind, 5th wheel on up to the very lap of luxury. Meeting every convenience possibly imagined. With washer and dryers to big screen TV's the camping experience has evolved to provide all the comforts of home.

Sometimes with all the modern convenience we forget to take the road less traveled. A spur of the moment get away to a near by lake or park. Just pack up and go...

Plan to take your family on a picnic or a camping trip. Trust me do this!! We do several times a summer. It will be childhood memories your kids will cherish. Maybe even pass a long to their children. Let them get dirty, ride bikes and skip rocks across the water. Light up the campfire for smores and play card games at the picnic table by lamp light. 

This next picture is from my personal camera taken in 2008 at Lake Granbury, TX. One of our favorite places on De Cordova Bend. Nope.. no electric, no water.. only one bathroom with a toilet and sink nearby. Its beautiful and free (first come first serve basis)!

Over the next few weeks I'll be posting camp recipes, game ideas, tips and tricks to help make a camping weekend run as smooth as possible. This is a passion of mine just as important as my new passion in furniture make-overs. I want to share what I've learned over the years. So please check back and I hope to see ya soon!

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