Monday, January 9, 2012

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

The weather did turn chilly.. its raining and cold two things together that can make it a miserable day. Unless your in Texas and still in a drought so bring on the rain! We want the lakes to fill up before summer since we got a new boat!!!

When its cold out we tend to want cozy comfort food. Tonight I whipped up some homemade chicken pot pies. The house smells wonderful! This is fairly simple and I'm not sure where I found this recipe. But I'm pretty sure a lot are basically the same. Last week I roasted a couple of chickens to freeze for later. I used one of those today which helped put this together faster. You can always just buy a rotisserie too!

Here is what you will need...

1 rotisserie chicken, with meat pulled off the bone and chopped in bite size pieces
2can cream chicken soup
chicken broth
Onion, carrot, potato diced
Frozen peas
Dried parsley, thyme, sage, salt and pepper
Frozen puff pastry or pie crust dough


Preheat oven to 425

Saute onion, potato and carrots in a large stock pot until tender, about 10 minutes
Add cream chicken soup and chicken broth, stir and then add chicken, peas and seasonings

Place in ramikins and top with dough, sealing the edges and using a knife make a slit across the top.
Bake at 425 for 10 minutes on a cookie sheet, then cover lightly with foil and bake additional 20 minutes

Now let me say I made some modifications.. one, because this did not come with exact measurements and two I was cooking for just me and my son tonight so I did not use a whole chicken! Nor would I have needed to it was plenty. I used maybe half a chicken and about 1/2 cup chicken broth then added a little more water to thin it out some. I chopped up half an onion, one decent size potato and I had matchstick carrots I just used a good hand full and gave them a rough chop. About 1/2 up frozen peas and on the seasoning I just sprinkled it on stirred then tasted. Added more if I needed too. This would for sure make 4 pot pies just divide the filling. I filled our two up to the brim and still had some left over.

My son smelled the onion, potato and carrots saute and was having a teenage melt down of hunger! By the time we were on the second half of foil wrapped cooking he was doing a strange count down dance around the kitchen table. (wish I had video of that haha!) Lets just say he wrinkled his nose once he found out what I was cooking but he loved it so much he ate every last bite!

For sure a keeper! YUM! Sorry Chyanne this one is for me!

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