Friday, January 6, 2012

Day of cleaning

Today I decided since the weather was going to be 70 in January to clean out our work shop. I moved around things, went through boxes, threw junk away and finally got something accomplished... you can now walk around!
Here is what it looked like before I started.....

And now...
Look how much floor space there is! Maybe I can get around to finishing the armoire now that I have room!
It makes me happy until we clutter it up again.. I still have tons of boxes to go through that are in the attic portion of the shop. I thought today I'd only tackle the floor area, boxes above my head which require a ladder to reach can wait another day. Like when hubby is here, he is good for that kind of stuff! :) 

So ready to start new projects! I've been piddling with the idea of opening a booth at my local antique shop. But before I can do that I need to have plenty things to put in a booth. We will see how it goes...

Until next time :)


  1. Okay, I got stuck on the reference to 70 and then I remembered that you live in Texas so....while I am in -20C or I believe that is -15F, never sure about Fahrenheit you certainly can get out there and organize! Looks like you got a lot accomplished. As far as the booth goes, well, why not? I always think about these things and regret not making the move to do them. Happy New Year Deanna!

  2. Yep Texas.. the saying is if you don't like the weather just wait a minute and it will change! Like tomorrow is high in the 40s and rain through Tuesday.. yuck! Thanks for the advise on the booth, I'm going by there this week to get some information. Happy New Year to you also!!


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