Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New year.. new start

Happy New Year hope everyone survived the holidays safe and sound! I'm still trying to get my house back into an everyday routine and order. The decorations have been packed away and my small living room seems so big now! This week I plan on organizing the kitchen and doing a major clean out. I have accumulated many small appliances that I'm not even sure when they were last used. Rule of thumb if you haven't used something in 2 years its time to get rid of it!

I also am trying a new cooking thing. Freezer cooking... spend one day cooking up meals or just the meats to make dinners faster. Today I roasted two chickens, stripped the meat and put them in freezer bags. I also made a large pot of homemade Minestrone soup and Chicken Penne. I found these containers at Wal-Mart that worked out perfectly for the soup..

Then for the Chicken Penne I bought these

You can bake, serve and even store in the freezer with these! Awesome! I don't have to keep my glass baking dishes in the freezer. Plus they are a perfect size for my side-by-side fridge that is narrow.

The temps will be in the 70's later this week... yep thats Texas in January for ya! So that means I will be in the shop organizing and cleaning out boxes. Trust me it needs it badly. Maybe I should invest in hooks or shelves to try and make the chaos into something. In a way I'm looking forward to it and in a way I'm not.. the end result will be worth it..............the end result will be worth it! Yea I keep telling myself that! haha! I'll snap some before and after pics see if I can even tell a difference once I'm finished!

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