Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hitting the antique mall on a Sunday

I've been to all the antique malls around my area, I got brave today... I let my son drive us out just north of Cresson, TX to a place called Grandma's Attic. I say that because it involves him driving at speeds of 65 mph..... but he did fine! Back to the mall, it was huge!!! I know they have around 100 booths maybe more.It was so cram packed full of wonderful! I had been looking for old metal cookie cutters, found them in Glen Rose but for $5 and $6 each or even higher. Here I got a bunch for only 90 cents each!!!! Yay I'll be making some ornaments with those. Such as these precious ones..

Around every corner I looked high and low. So much to see..some things priced sky high while others were more humble and offered a cheap gal like me a chance! Then I spot them laying a bowl under a table in one booth. I just couldn't believe my eyes! A bag full of glass knobs for $30!!!!!!! And 2 small bags with 6 and 9 white porcelain knobs for $3 and $4 ! I snatched those up so fast! 
Ended up there are 2 oval glass knobs and the rest are a rounded petal or a diamond way I know how to describe them haha! I'm so thrilled and hope to use them on a future dresser project! My son came away with a Simon and Garfunkel album $5 along with a grey and black fedora hat $5. It turned out to be a great day. :)

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